About Us


We have designed this website to be you one-stop-hub for local and general information related to making a Social Security Disability Claim. Our goal is to provide unbiased information that is as accurate and up to date as possible.

Social Security is a vast and complicated topic. The decisions you make have the ability to affect your income, your retirement and not only your comfort and security, but also the comfort and security of your loved ones.

We recommend using this website to gather general information and educate yourself. Once you feel like you have a general understanding, seek professional assistance. You will find links to additional information and professional resources throughout this site and we encourage you to always do your homework before making any decision.

Some of the information we aim to provide on this website includes:

  • Understanding what exactly is Social Security Disability
  • Details on your local Social Security Field Office of which there are over 1400
  • How to apply for benefits
  • Different types of benefits
  • Where to find answers online
  • How to access professional resources and assistance
  • Safeguarding your personal information

We strive to make this website as user friendly as possible and we welcome your suggestions and ideas.

On a final note, we would like to leave you with one important piece of advice: Identity theft is a major problem throughout North America. Never share your Social Security number with anyone unless they have a valid reason for requesting it. Never hesitate to ask why someone need access you your number and never include your number in electronic communications.


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